Improving the emergency services for EU citizens
2017.10.18 - 16:30
The EPP Group hosted a cross-party event in the European Parliament in Brussels at which MEPs met representatives from the emergency services from across the European Union. The aims of the event included raising awareness about Europe’s...
Tax Haven
2017.10.18 - 10:46
Caruana Galizia's murder shows the enormous quagmire of money laundering, corruption and tax evasion "Only much stronger cooperation both within the EU and on an international level can prevent tax evasion and money laundering. This is...
Daphne Caruana Galizia
2017.10.17 - 15:25
"The murder of prominent investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta is tragic proof that the concerns regarding the deteriorating situation in Malta, which the EPP Group has expressed repeatedly over the past months, were...
2017.10.16 - 17:51
“Today, after 18 months of intensive negotiations, we have set up a common position on the posting of workers with clear rights for the more than 2 million posted workers on our continent”, said Elisabeth Morin-Chartier MEP, co-...
Brexit Direction Sign
2017.10.12 - 17:10
There is growing unease in the EPP Group in the European Parliament on the progress in the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK: "I welcome the fact that further progress has been made in the fifth round of the Brexit...
Making online shopping easier with fair shipping prices
2017.10.12 - 16:15
The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has approved legislation that would require more transparency and closer regulatory oversight of parcel delivery prices. The aim is to make shipping more competitive and encourage consumers as well...
Visa Stamps
2017.10.12 - 12:10
A common European resettlement policy which will help people in need of asylum and prevent lost lives on smuggling routes was adopted today by the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee. Agustín D...
Woman hand accepting a delivery of boxes from deliveryman
2017.10.12 - 10:59
Today, the European Parliament’s Transport Committee voted in favour of a Regulation to boost cross-border parcel delivery services for e-commerce in the internal market. The text, which passed with a large majority, contains provisions to...
Row of parked cars
2017.10.12 - 9:33
Today, the European Parliament’s Transport Committee voted to step up Europe’s efforts to better protect vulnerable road users from fatal accidents and serious injuries on the road. The Report, authored by Dieter Koch MEP, calls for...
Credit card security
2017.10.11 - 12:54
EDIS Rapporteur, Esther de Lange MEP, has welcomed the publication of the European Commission’s Communication on completing the Banking Union. The Communication sets out a new, possible way forward for the finalisation of a European Deposit...
Real Estate Market
2017.10.11 - 10:32
"Europeans and their buildings must contribute to a sustainable European energy system. To do so, we must give our citizens the right tools and incentives to make their buildings more energy efficient. It will benefit individual households...
2017.10.10 - 12:37
Today, the European Parliament’s Budgets Committee adopted its position on Commissioner Oettinger's reflection paper on the future of EU finances. "The EPP Group is committed to fighting for an EU budget that will ensure an...
Bank sign on building
2017.10.10 - 12:04
The Banking Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) changed the logic of the European financial markets. It has clarified that shareholders and investors must take on the losses themselves. They can no longer expect governments and taxpayers to...
Post-disaster rebuilding with EU Solidarity Fund
2017.10.10 - 9:45
The EU has just approved a record €1.2 billion from its Solidarity Fund to help rebuild quake-struck central Italy. On EPPTV’s monthly programme People First, MEP Giovanni La Via talks about how the fund helps countries across the EU, and...
New Windhoek Dialogue meeting, Grand Bassam October 2017
2017.10.09 - 15:56
“It’s time to reinvest in the EU-Africa relationship. The success of policies and plans adopted at the upcoming African Union-EU Summit will, however, depend on the political will for speedy implementation and the commitment of the...


A hét kiemelt hírei

2017.10.16 - 2017.10.20
Group portrait of industry workers

Towards better protection for posted workers

Members of the Employment Committee on Monday will vote on the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive spearheaded by Elisabeth Morin-Chartier...
Syrian Refugees

Solidarity and flexibility should be core in granting asylum

The reform of the Dublin System which sets the rules for granting asylum in Member States will be voted on by the Civil Liberties Committee on...

New system to strengthen Europe's border security

The Civil Liberties Committee will vote on Thursday on 'Establishing a European Travel Information and Authorisation System' (ETIAS),...
Eleni Theocharous