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Ukrainian passport

Ukrainians will be able to travel visa-free to most of the EU about a month after the final signing of the Regulation in the European Parliament...

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Venezuela strikes

The EPP Group will today denounce Nicolas Maduro's government for inspiring the unconstitutional actions of the Venezuelan Supreme Court and the...

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Anaconda, polish helicopters

“Achieving common defence capabilities is now more necessary than ever. In an unpredictable international scenario, we need a common defence...

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Donald  Tusk

"The EPP supports the re-election of Donald Tusk as President of the European Council. Over the last two and a half years, Donald Tusk has done...

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Odbor za vanjske poslove odgovoran je za zajedničku vanjsku i sigurnosnu politiku i europsku sigurnosnu i obrambenu politiku. Također pozorno nadgleda pitanja vezana za ljudska prava u trećim državama. Njegova uloga je jačati parlamentarnu dimenziju političkih odnosa EU-a s trećim državama i odobriti programe pomoći ili međunarodne sporazume. U okviru proširenja EU-a odbor slijedi tijek pregovora i preporučuje odobravanje ugovora o pristupanju. Odboru u radu pomažu dva pododbora; za ljudska prava i sigurnost i obranu.


Dissidents want only freedom
20.06.2017. - 11:46

Human rights crucial to evaluation of new EU-Cuba agreement

The EPP Group today recalled that the new agreement between the EU and Cuba on the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement should contribute to the improvement of the situation and respect for...
Turkey & Europe flags
20.06.2017. - 9:43

Call for the suspension of Turkish EU accession talks

"A close and privileged relationship between the EU and Turkey is in the interest of both sides. But this can only be realised if it is based on human rights, the respect of the fundamental...
map of Balkans
05.06.2017. - 13:17

EPP Group takes stock of situation in Western Balkans

For the sixth time the EPP Group gathers MEPs, other EU politicians and political leaders from the Western Balkans close to our political family to take stock of the challenges before them on path...
Protesters in Venezuela
31.05.2017. - 15:00

Weber to Julio Borges: support to overcome Venezuelan crisis

The EPP Group Chairman in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, expressed his support today to the Speaker of the Venezuelan Parliament, Julio Borges, to enable Venezuela to overcome the serious...
Ukrainian passport
17.05.2017. - 14:59

Finally, visa-free travel to EU for Ukrainians

Ukrainians will be able to travel visa-free to most of the EU about a month after the final signing of the Regulation in the European Parliament today. This is the result of a long process...
EPP Group October I Plenary Briefing
26.04.2017. - 18:05

Turkey: we must stop enlargement talks and offer partnership

“All the recent developments in Turkey clearly demonstrate that President Erdogan is turning his back on the rule of law, democracy, human rights and on European values in general,” said...



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