Highlights of the week

14.05.2018 - 18.05.2018

Future of Food and Farming

A fair food chain for all

Future of Food and Farming

European agriculture is based on family farming and to maintain this, the EU must support the new generations of farmers giving them a solid prospect for the future. "The new post-2020 CAP must guarantee that European food production is sufficient and safe, that it protects European farmers' competitiveness on international markets and also safeguards against market fluctuations such as price volatility and other unpredictable market crises", said Herbert Dorfmann MEP, who has authored a report on the future of food and farming to be voted in the Agriculture and Rural Developement Committee on Wednesday.

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Improving the EU Civil Protection Mechanism


Improving the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

On Wednesday, the Parliament’s Environment Committee will vote on the proposal improving the current EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The renewed so-called ‘EU Firemen’ service is intended to help Member States cope with natural and man-made disasters in a more efficient way, and covers, amongst others, disasters ranging from health emergencies to floods and fires, as well as terrorist attacks and chemical and nuclear threats. The EPP Group strives towards finding the best solutions for these problems and believes improved cooperation amongst Member States is key.

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European Securities and Markets Authority

Bank sign on building

European Securities and Markets Authority

The Economic Affairs Committee will vote on Wednesday on a Report by Danuta Hübner MEP on improving the work of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The Rapporteur underlines that the role of central banks needs to be properly determined to give them a say over those supervisory decisions that might have implications for monetary policy.

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Chairman's Agenda

Manfred Weber

Chairman's Agenda

Wednesday, Sofia, Bulgaria:

  • Meeting with Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Vice-Chairman of PP GERB
  • Meeting with Tsveta Karayancheva, Speaker of the National Assembly
  • Conference “In Dialogue with the Western Balkans: Creating a Region of Growth, Security and Connectivity on the Path to Europe” together with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov
  • EPP Western Balkans Summit
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Press conferences (14-18 May)

Business conference

Press conferences (14-18 May)

Tuesday @ 11.00  Anna Záborská MEP and others on the International Day of Families


Step up fight against racism in sport
24.05.2018 - 10:30

Step up fight against racism in sport

Two days of events this week are aimed at raising awareness and fighting racism and anti-Semitism in sport. MEPs and members of the sports world are...
Traffic on multiple lane highway
24.05.2018 - 09:50

Road charges: fair charging for better roads

The European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee voted today to phase out Eurovignettes for heavy goods vehicles and vans and for...
Security concept
23.05.2018 - 17:25

Privacy Shield needs to be improved, not abolished

The EU-US Privacy Shield offers legal certainty in free trade and the protection of data; jeopardising it now would be a step back for European...
Zuckerberg testimony requires concrete action, says Weber
23.05.2018 - 15:15

Zuckerberg testimony requires concrete action, says Weber

The meeting between Parliament leaders and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg left many questions unanswered and the need for more concrete action to ensure...