Apple Inc.
Communiqué de presse
21.06.2018 - 14:25
Offshore legal services provider Appleby and Baker McKenzie refuses to appear in Tax Evasion Committee "The lack of cooperation by certain companies raises doubts about whether they have something to hide," said Dariusz Rosati MEP, the...
Empowering Europeans’ petition drives
21.06.2018 - 10:45
In a bid to help citizens petition the EU for legislation, a European Parliament committee has approved a plan to overhaul the European Citizens’ Initiative. The author - EPP Group MEP György Schöpflin of Hungary - says he hopes the...
Les eurodéputés de la Commission des affaires juridiques soutiennent une nouvelle législation sur le droit d'auteur
21.06.2018 - 13:57
Les eurodéputés de la Commission des affaires juridiques du Parlement européen ont voté en faveur de la nouvelle règlementation européenne sur le droit d'auteur afin de mieux l’adapter au monde num...
Cow eating grass
Communiqué de presse
20.06.2018 - 16:02
« C’est un grand pas pour la santé publique ! Nous allons réduire la consommation d’antibiotiques dans les élevages, source importante de résistances qui se transmettent ensuite chez l’Homme....
Communiqué de presse
20.06.2018 - 12:47
"The European Citizens’ Initiative is by far the most attractive way for citizens to send their ideas and aspirations for change to the European Commission and the EU as a whole. The new regulations will make this smoother and more...
Copyright matters
Communiqué de presse
20.06.2018 - 12:24
“The approval of the new Copyright Directive in the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee today is a step forward in adapting the current European Union copyright rules so they better reflect the new realities and business models...
Copyright matters
20.06.2018 - 10:30
Person voting
Communiqué de presse
20.06.2018 - 10:22
Sandra Kalniete MEP, Chairwoman of the EPP Group Working Group on Foreign Affairs, and Cristian Preda MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, have made the following statement: “We express our serious concern and...
Statistics, Finance, Stock Exchange and Accounting
Communiqué de presse
20.06.2018 - 08:58
« Nous avons réussi à trouver un accord pour lancer l’UE sur le chemin de l’union de l’énergie ! Cela nous permettra de bâtir un marché européen de l’énergie qui fixera...
Communiqué de presse
19.06.2018 - 20:47
“The agreement to aim for an EU-wide non-binding energy savings goal of 32.5 percent by 2030 is very ambitious and will take a lot of effort to achieve”, said Markus Pieper, Member of the EPP Group responsible for the Energy Efficiency...
Anaconda, polish helicopters
Communiqué de presse
19.06.2018 - 10:11
“It is high time that the European Union steps up its game on defence and develops a truly common approach. Member States are used to working together on a country-by-country basis on defence issues, but in the current state of world affairs,...
Relations commerciales de l’UE, Gestion de la migration, Sécurité de l’aviation civile
15.06.2018 - 14:54
Au cours de la dernière plénière, les eurodéputés ont débattu des relations commerciales de l’UE, de la manière de gérer la migration, et de nouvelles lois de sécurité dans...
Climate change
Communiqué de presse
14.06.2018 - 10:44
"The agreement to boost renewables in the energy mix to 32 percent at EU level by 2030 will help us provide secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. While this will not include nationally-binding targets, Member States will now have an...
Communiqué de presse
13.06.2018 - 18:32
"The EPP Group wants multinational companies to disclose profit shifting to low-tax countries. For that, EU Member States need to end their stalemate," said Dariusz Rosati MEP, the EPP Group's negotiator on tax transparency rules for...
Architect using drafting table
Communiqué de presse
13.06.2018 - 18:01
“The EU Single Market will benefit from the new Directive which lays down specific criteria that Member States have to consider when conducting a proportionality test for professional regulation”, said Andreas Schwab MEP, the EPP Group...


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18.06.2018 - 22.06.2018
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Copyright in the Digital Single Market

On Wednesday 20 June, Members of the Legal Affairs Committee will vote on the long-awaited Copyright Directive. The EPP Group seeks a balance between...
Anaconda, polish helicopters

€500 million towards stronger EU defence

An increase in cooperation in the defence industry and strengthening the competitiveness of the EU defence industry are core priorities. On Tuesday,...

Veterinary medicinal products

On Wednesday, the Environment Committee will confirm the agreement on veterinary medicinal products reached between the European Parliament,...
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