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On Wednesday 20 June, Members of the Legal Affairs Committee will vote on the long-awaited Copyright Directive. The EPP Group seeks a balance between...

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An increase in cooperation in the defence industry and strengthening the competitiveness of the EU defence industry are core priorities. On Tuesday,...

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On Wednesday, the Environment Committee will confirm the agreement on veterinary medicinal products reached between the European Parliament,...

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The Constitutional Affairs Committee will vote on improvements to the European Citizens' Initiative, used by EU citizens to invite the European...

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Conférences de presse

19.06.2018 - 12:30 - 13:00 - Parlement européen, Bruxelles - Salle Anna Politkovskaya PHS 0A50

La situation des femmes détenues contre leur gré dans les camps sahraouis

Conseiller de presse: Javier Jimenez Arbelo


Climate change

Renewables deal win for affordable, climate-friendly energy

"The agreement to boost renewables in the energy mix to 32 percent at EU level by 2030 will help us provide secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. While this will not include nationally...

Tax transparency: Member States need to end stalemate

"The EPP Group wants multinational companies to disclose profit shifting to low-tax countries. For that, EU Member States need to end their stalemate," said Dariusz Rosati MEP, the EPP...
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Securing professions in the EU

“The EU Single Market will benefit from the new Directive which lays down specific criteria that Member States have to consider when conducting a proportionality test for professional...
EU and Ukraine

More money for Ukraine under strict conditions

The European Parliament has approved the disbursement of a further €1 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine to help the country cover part of its external financing needs and to provide...


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