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EU and Ukraine

"The EU and Ukraine must deepen cooperation and build a successful relationship. With an Association Agreement that is fully effective from...

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Ukrainian passport

Ukrainians will be able to travel visa-free to most of the EU about a month after the final signing of the Regulation in the European Parliament...

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Venezuela strikes

The EPP Group will today denounce Nicolas Maduro's government for inspiring the unconstitutional actions of the Venezuelan Supreme Court and the...

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Anaconda, polish helicopters

“Achieving common defence capabilities is now more necessary than ever. In an unpredictable international scenario, we need a common defence...

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La commission des affaires étrangères est chargée de la politique étrangère et de sécurité commune (PESC) et de la politique européenne de sécurité et de défense (PESD). Elle examine également de près les questions relatives aux droits de l'homme dans les pays tiers. Son travail consiste à renforcer la dimension parlementaire des relations politiques de l'Union avec les pays tiers et à approuver les programmes d'aide ou les accords internationaux. Dans le contexte de l'élargissement de l'Union, la commission suit le processus de négociation et recommande l'approbation des traités d'adhésion. La commission est assistée par deux sous-commissions: "droits de l'Homme"et "sécurité et défense".


New Windhoek Dialogue meeting, Grand Bassam October 2017
Communiqué de presse
09.10.2017 - 15:56

There's no development without good governance

“It’s time to reinvest in the EU-Africa relationship. The success of policies and plans adopted at the upcoming African Union-EU Summit will, however, depend on the political will for...
Moldova / EU
Communiqué de presse
03.10.2017 - 15:27

Moldova: EU assistance should be frozen

“We call for the EU financial help for Moldova to be frozen until the impact of the legislative changes in the Moldovan electoral law has been thoroughly assessed and we support that any...
Flag of Estonia
Communiqué de presse
04.09.2017 - 15:48

EPP Group to discuss building European defence in Tallinn

The EPP Group Bureau will gather in Tallinn on 7 and 8 September to debate new security threats and challenges for Europe. The topics covered will include cyberwar, disinformation and fake news...
EU and Ukraine
Communiqué de presse
12.07.2017 - 12:17

EU-Ukraine cooperation must be ambitious

"The EU and Ukraine must deepen cooperation and build a successful relationship. With an Association Agreement that is fully effective from September, a free trade area yielding results and with...
EUROCORPS' soldiers do a military simulation on the ground with chariot, trucks, guns, weapons and some wounded soldiers
Communiqué de presse
11.07.2017 - 11:39

Funding security forces in third countries

Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee gave the green light today for strengthening the security and defence capacities of partner countries by adopting a legislative report revising the Instrument...
West African market scene
Communiqué de presse
06.07.2017 - 12:21

€44 billion to fight root causes of migration

Members of the European Parliament gave the green light today for the European Fund for Sustainable Development, an EU scheme of €3.3 billion worth of loans and guarantees aimed at mobilising...



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