Ympäristö, kansanterveys ja elintarvikkeiden turvallisuus


EPP Group to do everything in its power to avoid European 'kebab ban' Today, the European Parliament will decide on whether to give the...

Sachertorte - Chocolate cake

EPP Group objects to European Commission proposal to ban sweeteners in fine bakery Today, the EPP Group in the European Parliament's...

Flooded house in flood waters

Today, the European Commission presented its ideas to reinforce Europe's ability to deal with natural disasters. ‘rescEU’ is an EU...

Climate change

The EU has taken an important step forward in its efforts to achieve the Paris climate goals. Late last night, representatives of the European...



Ympäristön, kansanterveyden ja elintarvikkeiden turvallisuuden valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat kestävä kehitys, ympäristöpolitiikka ja ympäristönsuojelutoimet, erityisesti ilman, maaperän ja vesien pilaantuminen, jätehuolto ja kierrätys, vaaralliset aineet ja valmisteet, melurajat, ilmastonmuutos ja biologisen monimuotoisuuden suojelu. Lisäksi sen vastuualueena ovat kansanterveys (erityisesti kansanterveyden alan ohjelmat ja erityistoimet) sekä lääketuotteet ja kosmetiikka. Valiokunnassa tarkastellaan myös elintarvikkeiden turvallisuutta koskevia tekijöitä, joihin kuuluvat erityisesti elintarvikkeiden merkinnät ja turvallisuus, ihmisten terveyden suojelua koskeva eläinlääkintälainsäädäntö sekä elintarvikkeiden ja niiden tuotannon kansanterveydellinen valvonta.


silicon breast implant
27.4.2012 - 12:45

PIP breast implants: preventing a repeat of an international scandal

Breast implants are regulated by Directive 200/74/CE on medical devices. This directive improved the legal provisions underlying oversight by the relevant authorities of medical devices, by enabling...
silicon breast implant
25.4.2012 - 9:45

Breast implants scandal: never again!

"Since the Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implant scandal was revealed, thousands of women around the world have been living a nightmare, not knowing whether their lives are at risk or not....
School of fish
20.4.2012 - 14:00

Biodiversity: Important environmental,

The European Parliament at its plenary session in Strasbourg, today adopted the Report on an EU biodiversity strategy to 2020. "According to the UN Food Agriculture Organisation, 60 percent...
Hands Washing
15.3.2012 - 17:15

World Water Forum: the blue planet must remain blue!

This week, the 6th World Water Forum, to which more than 30,000 participants are expected, is taking place in Marseilles. The European Parliament will be represented at the forum. "I will be at...
Doctor holding out stethescope with focus on object
14.3.2012 - 15:45

Diabetes on the European agenda.

After two and half years of concerted action by MEPs from the EU Diabetes Working Group, the European Parliament today overwhelmingly adopted a Resolution on the fight against diabetes, putting...
Electric Car loading on Solar Charging Station
16.2.2012 - 13:30

Energy Efficiency Directive: breakthrough

The negotiations on the package on the Energy Efficiency Directive in the European Parliament have taken a big step forward. Before the scheduled vote in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee (...


Menneet tapahtumat

Alcohol labelling: one-size-fits-all?
18.10.2017 - 16:00

European Commission report on alcohol labelling: one-size-fits-all?

Medical Progress
7.6.2017 - 15:00

Medical Progress: from therapy to human enhancement

Emissions Trading System
4.5.2016 - 14:30

The Emissions Trading System - ETS

For further info: epp-itre@europarl.europa.eu
The future of GMOs in Europe
18.11.2015 - 15:00

The future of GMOs in Europe

To register, contact EPP-GMO-Hearing@ep.europa.eu
Integrated EU policy approach for pharmaceutical sector
30.9.2015 - 14:30

The future of medicine

A strong EU pharmaceutical sector is essential to ensure Europe’s disease prevention capabilities, preparedness and assure our health '...


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