Protesters in Venezuela

“An early Presidential election has been called in Venezuela but the electoral process does not meet international standards. We cannot...

Protests in Venezuela

“We have to raise our voices to denounce further attempts to undermine sovereignty and fixed elections that don’t even fulfil the minimum...

EU - Russia

“The great battle of disinformation is already happening and is being fought on digital platforms. But it's a battle we're already late...

Engineer sitting at control panel of nuclear power station

“Permanent Structured Cooperation should be funded from the EU budget whereas Federica Mogherini needs to assume her responsibility as Vice-...



Ulkoasiainvaliokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat yhteinen ulko- ja turvallisuuspolitiikka (YUTP) sekä Euroopan turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikka (ETPP). Lisäksi valiokunnassa seurataan tarkasti kolmansien maiden ihmisoikeuskysymyksiä. Sen tehtävänä on lujittaa Euroopan unionin ja kolmansien maiden poliittisten suhteiden parlamentaarista ulottuvuutta sekä hyväksyä avustusohjelmia ja kansainvälisiä sopimuksia. EU:n laajentumisen yhteydessä valiokunta seuraa liittymisneuvottelujen etenemistä ja puoltaa liittymissopimusten hyväksymistä. Valiokuntaa avustaa kaksi alivaliokuntaa, jotka ovat ihmisoikeuksien alivaliokunta sekä turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikan alivaliokunta.


Two businessmen shaking hands near an airplane
12.3.2012 - 19:30

Iceland, 29th Member State of the EU?

Spot the odd one out Iceland is many things, but definitely not your typical candidate country to the EU. If you were to play a spot-the-odd-one-out game with enlargement countries, Iceland would...
Green field and trees under blue sky
8.3.2012 - 14:45

Tibet: human rights violations

"The human rights situation in Tibet is becoming critical. Since February 2011, twenty-six Tibetans – monks, students, and women – have set themselves on fire in protest of the on-...
After Soviet
5.3.2012 - 19:00

Life after the Soviet Union

Remembering why democracy, freedom and human rights are at the foundation of the EU As we mark the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union, Europe faces an economic crisis unlike any...
Business Commuters Walking Along Corridor, Blurred Motion
1.3.2012 - 16:30

Turkey: Civil liberties a central issue in Resolution

Breaches of civil liberties in Turkey are strongly criticised in a Resolution drafted by Ria Oomen-Ruijten MEP and European Parliament Rapporteur on Turkey, which has been adopted today by the...
European Flag
1.3.2012 - 16:15

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Government must implement reforms

European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee votes on European Commission progress report The new Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina must implement reforms quickly and agree on a budget...
two police officers doing a traffic control
1.3.2012 - 16:15

Turkey: Attack on Turkish policemen strongly condemned.

Today, 15 Turkish policemen were wounded in a bombing in Istanbul. "I strongly condemn this attack and my thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends", stated Ria Oomen-...



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