Turvallisuus ja puolustus

Anaconda, polish helicopters

"Action is needed instead of words. If we want to protect the EU and its citizens we have to act now and start implementing already-agreed plans...

Anaconda, polish helicopters

"The creation of the European Defence Union is in the ultimate interest of the European Union. On the way towards a European Defence Union we...

Anaconda, polish helicopters

“There are many right proposals. The point is that we don’t lack plans but we have a deficit in implementing already-agreed decisions...

Muslim militants

‘Hybrid Warfare’ is a term that has been coined to describe modern conflicts that do not conform to the pattern of conventional wars...



Turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikan alivaliokunta vastaa erityisesti yhteiseen ulko- ja turvallisuuspolitiikkaan (YUTP) sekä Euroopan turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikkaan (ETPP) liittyvistä aiheista. Alivaliokunta avustaa kyseisissä asioissa ulkoasiainvaliokuntaa.


Belgian soldiers
21.1.2016 - 12:28

EU Security: we need permanent structural cooperation

"The threat in Europe is growing bigger and bigger every day. The attacks in Paris have shown in a horrible way that the borders between internal and external security and defence are becoming...
Attacks in Paris, France
18.11.2015 - 11:30

After Paris: our immediate demands for counter-terrorism measures

Following the horrendous attacks in Paris last Friday, we call for immediate action in fighting terrorism. Europe needs a pact against terror. These are our proposals. #antiterrorpact 1. Urgent...
Jaromír Štětina as a first MEP visiting Kobani, Syria.
30.10.2015 - 11:15

Syrian Kurds standing up to ISIS: a personal account of a trip to Kobani

From 16 to 21 October, Czech Member of the EPP Group Jaromír Štětina was the first Member of the European Parliament to enter the recently under-siege and badly-damaged Syrian border...
Angela Merkel visit to EP
7.10.2015 - 17:03

Let's strengthen Europe and deepen it

"25 years ago, this continent was experiencing the collapse of Communism. Today, the drama of the refugee crisis is a major challenge. It is our humanitarian duty to help those human beings who...
Syrian Refugees
7.10.2015 - 12:43

Solutions for Syria mean solutions for Europe

Finding solutions for Syria was amply debated today by the European Parliament. Protecting innocent lives and achieving peace for the sake of the whole region is the number one priority. EPP Group...
14.4.2015 - 12:21

Security and Defence: match words with deeds

At a joint committee meeting today, the European Parliament’s Committees on Foreign Affairs and on Budgets voted in favour of a Report on financing the Common Security and Defence Policy....