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Turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikan alivaliokunta vastaa erityisesti yhteiseen ulko- ja turvallisuuspolitiikkaan (YUTP) sekä Euroopan turvallisuus- ja puolustuspolitiikkaan (ETPP) liittyvistä aiheista. Alivaliokunta avustaa kyseisissä asioissa ulkoasiainvaliokuntaa.


Flag of Estonia
4.9.2017 - 15:48

EPP Group to discuss building European defence in Tallinn

The EPP Group Bureau will gather in Tallinn on 7 and 8 September to debate new security threats and challenges for Europe. The topics covered will include cyberwar, disinformation and fake news...
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7.6.2017 - 11:58

Countdown to a Common European Defence Union has begun

"Action is needed instead of words. If we want to protect the EU and its citizens we have to act now and start implementing already-agreed plans making Europe autonomous in terms of defence...
Flag of Belarus
24.3.2017 - 12:24

Belarus: police must refrain from violence tomorrow

Tomorrow's protests in Minsk must be met in a peaceful manner by the state security forces. "I am concerned at the recent developments in Belarus. It is vital that the state institutions and...
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6.3.2017 - 14:51

A coalition of the willing on defence

"The creation of the European Defence Union is in the ultimate interest of the European Union. On the way towards a European Defence Union we have to transfer today’s isolated islands of...
Anaconda, polish helicopters
14.12.2016 - 13:02

CFSP: passivity is no longer permitted

"The last light of hope is dying out in Aleppo. Despite all the efforts deployed so far, the EU has been absent and our High Representative has been working hard, only to conclude that, if the...
Anaconda, polish helicopters
30.11.2016 - 15:10

Defence Package: time to deliver, not to plan again

“There are many right proposals. The point is that we don’t lack plans but we have a deficit in implementing already-agreed decisions”, said Michael Gahler MEP, EPP Group Spokesman...