Teollisuus, tutkimus ja energia

EU electricity market: more competition to the benefit of consumers

Krišjānis Kariņš, EPP Group MEP and Rapporteur of the Internal Market for Electricity Report voted today in the Industry Committee,...

World glove on The field

The reform of the Emissions Trading System (ETS) will be crucial to achieve the EU’s CO2 reduction goals. It creates a Modernisation Fund to...

Climate change

The EU’s prosperity and global relevance over the coming decades will depend on our ability to innovate. An energy system is the bloodstream to...

Piggy bank saving electricity and heating costs

The European Parliament has reached a preliminary agreement with the Council on a revised Directive for Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD)....



Teollisuus-, tutkimus- ja energiavaliokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat unionin teollisuuspolitiikka ja uuden tekniikan soveltaminen, myös pieniä ja keskisuuria yrityksiä koskevat toimet, sekä unionin tutkimuspolitiikka, johon sisältyy tutkimustulosten levittäminen ja hyödyntäminen. Lisäksi sen vastuualueena ovat unionin toimet, jotka liittyvät energiapolitiikkaan yleensä, energian toimitusvarmuuteen ja energiatehokkuuteen sekä Euroopan laajuisten verkkojen perustamiseen ja kehittämiseen energian infrastruktuurien alalla. Valiokunnan toimivaltaan sisältyy myös tietoyhteiskunta ja tietotekniikka, mukaan luettuina Euroopan laajuisten verkkojen perustaminen ja kehittäminen teletoiminnan infrastruktuurien alalla.


School of fish
20.4.2012 - 14:00

Biodiversity: Important environmental,

The European Parliament at its plenary session in Strasbourg, today adopted the Report on an EU biodiversity strategy to 2020. "According to the UN Food Agriculture Organisation, 60 percent...
Female executive using mobile phone
10.4.2012 - 10:30

Summer 2012 stay in touch, thanks to cheaper mobile roaming

Summer is approaching fast, and, as every year, millions of Europeans will try to make the most out of their holidays by travelling abroad. Thanks to the EPP Group in the European Parliament, you can...
Young adult using a smart phone
28.3.2012 - 14:00

Roaming: Agreement for fair charges and more competition

Caps for mobile phone charges abroad (roaming) will be tightened as from July. European Parliament Rapporteur Angelika Niebler MEP and the Danish Presidency of the EU reached an agreement over the...
Working with virtual screen
23.3.2012 - 13:00

eGovernment the key to a competitive digital single market

Advanced digital services, such as eGovernment, provide tremendous opportunities for improving and modernising public services for citizens and businesses and for enhancing the efficiency and...
20.3.2012 - 11:45

Horizon 2020: industrial leadership an important priority

Maria da Graça Carvalho MEP, Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament and EPP Group Rapporteur for the Specific Programme implementing Horizon 2020,...
Young adult using a smart phone
28.2.2012 - 17:00

Mobile roaming: Fair charges and more competition.

Caps for mobile phone charges abroad (roaming) will be tightened up as from July. The Industry Committee of the European Parliament adopted new price caps for phone calls, text messages and - for the...


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