Talous- ja raha-asiat

Fingers of a man with a currency of Euro, paying a plant that grows with coins of the euro-zone

Unionin kansalaiset odottavat ja vaativat oikeutetusti, että euro tekee, mitä sen kuuluu. Euron luominen oli Euroopan yhdentymisen...

Tax evasion

Commission initiative comes one week after Parliament's proposal to tax tech giants The EPP Group in the European Parliament welcomes today...


New money laundering rules also apply to virtual currencies "It will get much tougher to remain unseen when doing shady financial...


Today, the European Parliament approved the extension of the European Fund for Strategic Investments, referred to as EFSI 2.0. This extension...



Talous- ja raha-asioiden valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat unionin talous- ja rahapolitiikka sekä talous- ja rahaliiton ja Euroopan valuutta- ja rahoitusjärjestelmän toiminta. Lisäksi se vastaa pääoman ja maksujen vapaasta liikkuvuudesta sekä kilpailua ja valtiontukia koskevista säännöistä.


EU puzzle
22.5.2012 - 9:00

European Summit: strong foundation for sustainable growth

Europe needs fiscal stability for growth, and growth for stability. We can only get out of the crisis if we focus on both sides of the proverbial coin. Therefore the EPP Group proposes a package of...
15.5.2012 - 18:30

2 Pack: Socialists hijack major text for political purposes

"As each day counts in the prevention of further debt crises from occurring in the Eurozone, Socialist MEPs are responsible for the delay in European decision-making on crucial measures that...
Euro symbol in the magnifying glass
15.5.2012 - 18:15

Basel III / CRD 4: Stabilising Banks and Financing Growth

The European Parliament wants to stabilise European Banks by introducing additional capital buffers, facilitate financing of the real economy and enforce fair play in the banking sector. This is the...
business statistics in blue - white chart with a blue arrow going up
12.5.2012 - 13:15

EPP for Growth!

1. Enforcing the Single Market - Europe's power station for jobs! The Single Market acquis is strong - its implementation is unsatisfactory. To tap into this unused potential, the Commission has...
Man reaching into empty pocket
19.4.2012 - 12:00

Energy taxation: European Parliament rallies

"European consumers should not pay the price of demands from energy taxation fundamentalists! Today's vote is a great political victory for the EPP Group, which remained firm on its position...


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