Talous- ja raha-asiat

Businessman analyzing business data and using calculator

"Value added tax must be collected where the consumer is, not where the merchant is. A new VAT system must be based on such a destination...

business statistics in blue - white chart with a blue arrow going up

“The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), which is at the heart of the Juncker Investment Plan, has delivered the expected results...

Reporting standards

EPP Group wants multi-national companies to disclose profit shifting to low tax countries Dariusz Rosati MEP, the EPP Group's negotiator on...

Hand Choosing an E-Book vs. Paper Books from a Bookshelf

E-books and other online publications, such as online papers and magazines, will soon become cheaper. Today, the European Parliament approved a new...



Talous- ja raha-asioiden valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat unionin talous- ja rahapolitiikka sekä talous- ja rahaliiton ja Euroopan valuutta- ja rahoitusjärjestelmän toiminta. Lisäksi se vastaa pääoman ja maksujen vapaasta liikkuvuudesta sekä kilpailua ja valtiontukia koskevista säännöistä.


View Of Busy Stock Traders Office
7.6.2016 - 13:36

Financial Markets: more transparency and less speculation

The European Union will have new and tougher standards on financial market transactions from January 2018. The European Parliament adopted the new Directives on Markets for Financial Instruments (...
Euro Currency: Stacks of 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro notes piled together
28.4.2016 - 11:42

Benchmarks: Parliament tackles unfair deals between banks

The European Parliament today adopted legislation that tackles risks of manipulation of benchmarks, such as the LIBOR interest rate, reference exchange rates or commodity benchmarks. These...
28.4.2016 - 9:39

Bitcoin: another step towards a virtual means of exchange

Money is a repository of value and, in a strange way, it is already a virtual concept.  If we look back to the origins of money, the first coins and tokens had an intrinsic value that was...
Amazon parcels
26.4.2016 - 12:05

We need to increase visibility on where companies pay taxes

Country-by-country-reporting: "Don't jeopardise European companies' competitiveness" The EPP Group wants more transparency about which countries multi-national companies are...
Tax Haven
12.4.2016 - 12:32

EPP Group welcomes law proposal to increase tax transparency

EPP Group wants strong parliamentary investigation into Panama Papers. "Country-by-country reporting alone does not fix the problem." The EPP Group has welcomed today's law proposal...
5.4.2016 - 11:20

Panama Papers: we want Mossack Fonseca to testify in the EP

"The EPP Group wants the law firm Mossack Fonseca and the Panama government to testify in the European Parliament's special committee on unfair tax practices", announced Burkhard Balz...


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