Sisämarkkinat ja kuluttajansuoja

Improving the emergency services for EU citizens

The EPP Group hosted a cross-party event in the European Parliament in Brussels at which MEPs met representatives from the emergency services from...

photo of person holding a smartphone

As of today, roaming charges in the EU will disappear. Spanish MEP Pilar Del Castillo, who negotiated the historic agreement on behalf the European...

Bullet holes in a front windshield

"We have strengthened security in Europe without restricting citizens' freedom," said Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MEP, EPP Group...

Apple iPhone 6s plus with Airbnb application on the screen.

EPP Group supports the development of the collaborative economy in Europe. “The collaborative economy creates new opportunities for...



Sisämarkkina- ja kuluttajansuojavaliokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat sisämarkkinoita koskevan jäsenvaltioiden lainsäädännön yhteensovittaminen unionin tasolla ja tulliliitto, erityisesti tavaroiden vapaa liikkuvuus (myös teknisten standardien yhdenmukaistaminen), sijoittautumisoikeus sekä palvelujen tarjoamisen vapaus, lukuun ottamatta rahoitus- ja postialaa. Valiokunta myös hyväksyy toimet sisämarkkinoiden toimintaa haittaavien mahdollisten esteiden määrittämiseksi ja poistamiseksi. Lisäksi sen tehtäviin sisältyvät kuluttajien taloudellisten etujen edistäminen ja suojelu sisämarkkinoilla.


EU puzzle
21.5.2012 - 13:45

Internal Market Scoreboard

What is it? Every year, the European Commission publishes a list of EU Member States with the number of pending laws next to each of them. It's like at school. Bright kids top the list, the not...
business statistics in blue - white chart with a blue arrow going up
12.5.2012 - 13:15

EPP for Growth!

1. Enforcing the Single Market - Europe's power station for jobs! The Single Market acquis is strong - its implementation is unsatisfactory. To tap into this unused potential, the Commission has...
Credit card security
27.4.2012 - 13:15

Internal Market Scoreboard:

"The success of the EU's Internal Market hinges on the ability of EU countries to transpose EU rules into their national laws correctly and on time. But more importantly it depends on the...
Man Holding Clipboard
23.4.2012 - 11:45

Listening to citizens' concerns

Cumbersome social security procedures, problems receiving healthcare services abroad and barriers to getting qualifications recognized in another Member State are among the 20 main concerns of...
European Parliament action on passenger data, taxes and Argentina-Repsol dispute
20.4.2012 - 14:45

European Parliament action on passenger data, taxes and Argentina-Repsol dispute

EPP Group members of the European Parliament backed final passage of the EU-US passenger data accord, a report backing a European Commission proposal to consolidate corporate taxes across Europe, a...
Railroad Station
19.4.2012 - 10:45

Switzerland: Differentiation between EU

"The decision of the Swiss Federal Council to re-establish quotas on certain categories of residence permits granted to nationals of 8 Member States is inacceptable and can only be described as...


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