More muscle needed for 5G mobile networks

, 1.6.2017 - 11:48
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“5G is more than a mobile revolution. It will be an engine for change, bringing disruptive innovation across industries, developing business models and creating new quality networks (Very High Capacity Networks) and high-quality services”, said Michał Boni MEP, the EPP Group’s Spokesman on the initiative Report on ‘Internet connectivity for growth’, which was adopted by the European Parliament today.

He points out that the infrastructure becomes an enabler as it provides the new connectivity opportunities due to the new architecture of networks. But there are critical points and requirements for the implementation of 5G and the so-called Gigabit Society.

“Investments are amongst the key elements for achieving 5G goals so we need the simplification of the legal framework, flexible models for co-investments, and long-term certainty and predictability, a level playing field in Europe in that area, and conditions for the adequate return of investments, considering business and societal dimensions”, Boni said.

Among other critical elements are:

  1. To establish the market demand of the new, 5G-based services and products;
  2. To fulfil all technical conditions. 5G systems will need to be able to operate over a very wide frequency range from below 1GHz up to 100GHz, with a perspective of up to 300GHz;
  3. To involve all stakeholders and work together on an explicit timetable. It is important to have cooperation with all stakeholders and adequate investments in order to fulfil all conditions within the required time frame;
  4. To ensure a strong basis to finance the 5G Action Plan, also via public sources, where it is needed. This means maintaining and developing financing for the 5G Action Plan in the next Multiannual Financial Framework 2020-2027;
  5. To begin with coherent and timely actions at region and city level;
  6. To adjust skills to the 5G and Gigabit society challenges;
  7. To ensure the proper level of the interoperability and standardisation.

“Finally, we need to be open and not forget about any potential partners! It is crucial to have the detailed action plans at European level to facilitate Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ access to the 5G Participatory Broadband Platform, which is important for using all possible resources for the best investment models”, Boni concluded.

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