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Brexit Direction Sign

There is growing unease in the EPP Group in the European Parliament on the progress in the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK: ...

Brexit Direction Sign

"Unless there is a major breakthrough on the withdrawal results during the fifth negotiation round, the European Council has to postpone the...


For 78% of EU citizens, the primary objective for Brexit negotiations should be to protect the interests of the remaining EU27, while 22% want the...

Anaconda, polish helicopters

“Achieving common defence capabilities is now more necessary than ever. In an unpredictable international scenario, we need a common defence...



Perussopimus-, työjärjestys- ja toimielinasioiden valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat pääasiassa Euroopan yhdentymisen toimielimiä koskevat näkökohdat, Euroopan unionista tehdyn sopimuksen täytäntöönpano ja sen toiminnan arviointi, Euroopan unionin laajentumisneuvottelujen seuraukset toimielinten kannalta ja toimielinten väliset suhteet.


Jean-Claude Juncker and Manfred Weber
9.7.2014 - 18:06

EPP Group expresses full support to Jean-Claude Juncker

After nearly three hours of intense debate with the candidate for President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group, expressed the Group's full...
Gavel and european union flag
16.4.2014 - 13:47

Regulation on European political parties adopted in plenary

A report by MEP Marietta Giannakou on the proposal for a regulation on the statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations was adopted today by the majority of...
Euro symbol in the magnifying glass
18.3.2014 - 16:35

Statute and financing of European political parties

EU political parties on new, solid ground: transparent, efficient and better representing the citizen's interests The long-awaited proposal on European political parties has been finalised and...
Person voting
13.3.2014 - 9:58

Elections will boost the Commission's democratic legitimacy

According to Portuguese MEP Paulo Rangel: “This new process under which the European Commission President is elected by the European Parliament will fortify the Commission's democratic...
European Flag
11.2.2014 - 13:13

EP electing EC President gives EU elections more appeal

An own-initiative report by Paulo Rangel MEP on the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty with respect to the European Parliament has been approved by large majority in the Constitutional Affairs...
person holiding voting paper
10.2.2014 - 12:13

Swiss Referendum: freedom of movement not negotiable

Commenting on the result of the Swiss referendum on the restriction of free movement, EPP Group Chairman Joseph Daul MEP and Vice-Chairman Manfred Weber MEP said: "The free movement of citizens...


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Good Administrative Behaviour
1.7.2015 - 14:30

Good Administrative Behaviour

Article 41 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union enshrines a legally-binding "right to good administration". As a follow-up to...


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