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Oikeudellisten asioiden valiokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat unionin oikeuden tulkinta ja soveltaminen sekä unionin säädösten yhdenmukaisuus primaarioikeuden kanssa. Valiokunnassa myös tulkitaan kansainvälistä oikeutta siltä osin, kuin se koskee Euroopan unionia. Näiden tehtävien lisäksi sen vastuualueisiin kuuluvat oikeudellista ja hallinnollista yhteistyötä yksityisoikeuden alalla koskevat toimet sekä ympäristövastuu ja ympäristörikoksista määrättävät seuraamukset.


Business woman working on desk
5.7.2018 - 12:45

Copyright Directive: we stand for legal certainty on the web

“We regret that the European Parliament has rejected the mandate for the negotiations with the Member States as it could have been a real step further in establishing a legal certainty between...
4.7.2018 - 12:21

Poland: there is no freedom without the rule of law

“What we have to do is fight for the interests of European citizens. Not divide them into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Europeans. Let’s discuss the future of our continent...
Copyright matters
20.6.2018 - 12:24

We endorse copyright reform that protects press freedom

“The approval of the new Copyright Directive in the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee today is a step forward in adapting the current European Union copyright rules so they...
13.6.2018 - 18:32

Tax transparency: Member States need to end stalemate

"The EPP Group wants multinational companies to disclose profit shifting to low-tax countries. For that, EU Member States need to end their stalemate," said Dariusz Rosati MEP, the EPP...
Business Team In Office Meeting
26.4.2018 - 10:15

For a simple, flexible and modernised single market for European companies

We welcome the long-awaited legislative proposals the European Commission put forward today in the field of company law "For many years there were no notable developments in European company...
18.1.2018 - 11:27

Cross-border divorces: focus on the interest of the child

“Besides placement in a foster family or care institution, judges should have the possibility to entrust a child to other members of the family or relatives with whom a child has established...


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Hearing on Copyright
8.6.2017 - 9:00

Hearing on Copyright

The full video of this event can be found on the EPP Group Facebook page.    
Hearing on Copyright
11.1.2017 - 14:30

Hearing on Copyright

Good Administrative Behaviour
1.7.2015 - 14:30

Good Administrative Behaviour

Article 41 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union enshrines a legally-binding "right to good administration". As a follow-up to...
Lawyer with documents
11.1.2012 - 14:30

EPP Group Hearing on "The European Trademark System in the 21st Century"

Since the beginning of the European Community undistorted competition has been amongst the goals listed in the objectives of the EC Treaty. This...