Maatalous ja maaseudun kehittäminen

Farmer and businessman examining plant in field

The EPP Group today backed legislation establishing more and better controls and inspections throughout the food chain. The goal is to improve...

Farmer in a field with combine harvester in the background

Euroopan parlamentin EPP-ryhmä on Euroopan viljelijöiden etujen kaikkein vahvin puolustaja. Yhteisen maatalouspolitiikan viimeisimmäss...

A fair food chain for all

In school yards and football fields we know what fair play means, but when it comes to business it’s not that easy anymore. How to tackle...

Milk pot farmer hand cow in meadow

The dairy sector in Europe is going through a difficult period of low prices and very tight margins: too many farmers are producing too much milk....



Maatalouden ja maaseudun kehittämisen valiokunta käsittelee pääasiassa yhteistä maatalouspolitiikkaa, mutta sen toimivaltaan kuuluu myös metsätalouteen, eläinlääkintään, kasvien terveyteen ja eläinrehuihin liittyvä lainsäädäntö, lukuun ottamatta toimia ihmisten terveyden suojelemiseksi. Lisäksi se vastaa karjanhoitoon ja eläinten hyvinvointiin liittyvästä lainsäädännöstä.


Monetary crop
24.3.2015 - 16:08

CAP: better controls to benefit farmers

Monitoring EU spending on the Common Agricultural Policy is consuming a growing amount of time and money. Checking 40 million transactions and other CAP controls costs around four billion Euros a...
Corn Hybrid Selection genetic biotechnology
4.12.2014 - 12:08

Breakthrough in negotiations on GMO crop growing ban

EU Parliament and Member States reached a deal on national bans on GMO crop growing In late-night negotiations, the European Parliament and Member States agreed on a new procedure allowing Member...
EU organic logo
3.12.2014 - 11:46

Better regulation for organic food

"Customer confidence and the quality of organic products are the key elements for the European organic market to develop and compete", said Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP, Rapporteur of the...
Cash background
27.11.2014 - 9:06

TTIP: key priority for the EPP Group

Finishing successful negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a key priority of the EPP Group. The Group has decided to create a Working Group on the TTIP which...
Phil Hogan
2.10.2014 - 11:51

EPP Group expects Hogan to put CAP reform into action

Phil Hogan demonstrated the political experience and aptitude required for the agriculture portfolio as Ireland's next European Commissioner at today's European Parliament hearing, according...
Young plant
1.4.2014 - 14:42

CAP Reform: EPP Group gets more flexibility for farmers

EPP Group putting pressure on European Commission to improve implementation of CAP reform/More flexibility for farmers The European Commission is willing, following pressure from the EPP Group in...


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