Liikenne ja matkailu

traffic on german autobahn,european cars and trucks

”Cars have become much cleaner and we want them to become even cleaner in the future. Therefore, we welcome realistic proposals to further...

Making online shopping easier with fair shipping prices

The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has approved legislation that would require more transparency and closer regulatory oversight of...

Flowers and car

"We have to address one of the worst failings of the current car certification system and I'm therefore happy to see that the European...

Traffic on multiple lane highway

"This inquiry should not turn into an inquisition court, but instead come up with ideas for solutions", said Françoise Grosset...



Liikenne- ja matkailuvaliokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluvat yhteinen rautatie-, maantie-, sisävesi-, meri- ja lentoliikennepolitiikka, joka kattaa liikenteeseen Euroopan unionissa sovellettavat yhteiset säännöt, sekä Euroopan laajuisten verkkojen perustaminen ja kehittäminen liikenteen infrastruktuurien alalla. Lisäksi sen vastuualueeseen kuuluvat postipalvelut ja matkailu.


Cruise liner
4.10.2017 - 10:52

Europe, the safest place in the world for sea travel

The European Parliament today voted for new safety rules that will make sea travel safer for millions of passengers and reduce administrative burdens for hundreds of companies. The EPP Group Shadow...
Cargo Ship
15.6.2017 - 12:46

Better prevention and handling of accidents at sea

An agreement was reached last night on improved digital registration and safety inspections for ferries and ships. The EPP Group warmly welcomes the compromise as it makes sea travel safer and...
rush hour traffic at night on multiple lane highway
31.5.2017 - 13:56

Mobility Package: Europe, start your engines

Today, the European Commission presented a crucial legislative package which will fight the disintegration of the transport market in Europe and address concerns regarding the working conditions of...
Traffic on multiple lane highway
18.5.2017 - 11:10

Drivers and jobs at the heart of road transport reform

The road sector is suffering from a lack of inter-operability of tolling systems, a lack of cross-border infrastructure investments and unfair competition. In a Resolution to be voted in the European...
Backpackers girl waiting for the train
27.3.2017 - 12:36

Commission’s Interrail proposal: a missed opportunity

“The European Commission could have used the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome to present an original and ambitious proposal that will make people enthusiastic about Europe...
Motion train
14.12.2016 - 12:24

4th Railway Package leaves the station

A step further towards better, faster and cheaper railway services in Europe was taken today after the European Parliament adopted the 4th railway legislative package. The new reforms consist of...


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