Tässä esitetyt mielipiteet ovat ovat kansallisten delegaatioiden näkökantoja, eivätkä aina edusta koko ryhmän mielipiteitä.
Tässä esitetyt mielipiteet ovat ovat kansallisten delegaatioiden näkökantoja, eivätkä aina edusta koko ryhmän mielipiteitä.


Photo of refugees queuing at border
19.10.2017 - 8:47

Stricter asylum rules: fair distribution of responsibility

Only 28% of asylum seekers have been relocated from Greece and Italy based on the current EU schemes. Just a number of Member States have accepted a significant number of refugees in the last few...
Cruise liner
4.10.2017 - 10:52

Europe, the safest place in the world for sea travel

The European Parliament today voted for new safety rules that will make sea travel safer for millions of passengers and reduce administrative burdens for hundreds of companies. The EPP Group Shadow...
3.10.2017 - 15:26

Chinese dumping: new instruments to protect EU industry

"We need to protect our European industry. The jobs of hundreds of people are being endangered due to unfair trading practices. We won’t stand by idly while our market is being flooded by...
Courtroom detail
28.9.2017 - 10:54

European Public Prosecutor: plugging the €600 million hole

The EU loses around €600 million a year to fraud in EU funds. These crimes are not properly investigated due to the lack of cross-border definitions and cooperation of Member States. With the...



Maternity leave
26.4.2017 - 15:30

Matera, nuova direttiva su congedo maternita'

“La nuova direttiva europea sul congedo parentale proposta oggi dalle commissarie Marianne Thyssen e Vera Jourova è un’opportunità che gli Stati membri devono salutare con...
photo of application icons
25.4.2017 - 16:30

Salini, Nostro dossier riscrive l’Agenda digitale

«Oggi il PPE ha messo in campo tutto il proprio peso politico per colmare un vuoto legislativo enorme nella partita della digitalizzazione industriale europea. Si prevede che, per l’...
Secure LAN
24.4.2017 - 16:15

Maullu, Cybersecurity: Italia deve cambiare passo

“Il 79% delle imprese italiane affermano di aver subito un attacco importante nel 2016, il 25% più di 11 attacchi, mentre il 9% è stato attaccato più di 25 volte: questi...
European Parliament
24.4.2017 - 16:15

Martusciello, Il 27 aprile il PE ringrazierà brigata ebraica

"Il 27 aprile il Parlamento europeo ringrazierà ufficialmente la brigata ebraica che partecipo' alla liberazione dell' Italia dall'oppressione nazista. Lo dichiara Fulvio...


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  • Puheenjohtaja - Israel
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EU flags in front of European Parliament

EPP Group candidate for European Parliament President

The EPP Group will elect its candidate for the post of President of the European Parliament on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday at 10.30 hrs, the EPP...
Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group

Preparation of the European Council meeting 15-16 December

MEPs are set to debate the preparations for the upcoming European Summit of 15-16 December. Chairman Manfred Weber will take the floor on behalf of...
Visa Stamps

Visa-free travel: new suspension mechanism protects EU

The European Parliament will vote to review the visa suspension mechanism which can be applied to all visa-free travel agreements that the EU has...