EPP Group Hearing 'Football for Roma inclusion' under the framework of the WG on Roma inclusion

under the patronage of Jerzy Buzek MEP, former President of the European Parliament
18.3.2014 - 10:00
- 18.3.2014 - 16:00
Päivitetty viimeksi: 19.3.2014 - 11:42
Opening session of the EPP Group Working Group on Roma inclusion 10.00-12.00 hrs in Room P1C047, Gala Tournament 13.00-16.00 hrs in the Palais du Midi Sports Complex

Mission statement

Our aim is to raise awareness concerning the role of sports in social inclusion, to promote the elimination of discrimination based on ethnicity and social disadvantage in the field of sport, to achieve better access for socially-disadvantaged Roma to mass and competitive sports, as well as to publicise the related opportunities provided by the European integration process in general and the European Framework for National Roma Inclusion Policies in specific. This project aims at contributing to supporting and providing a European basic framework for breaking out of poverty through sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle, strengthening a positive identity among marginalised communities, facilitating crime prevention and the prevention of victimisation, as well as to positively influence the attitudes of football fans towards minorities and marginalised people.

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10.00-10.20 hrs Piara POWAR , Executive Director of the UEFA Football Against Racism Network
10.20-10.40 hrs Ibolya PETRIKA , Director of the Hungarian Football Federation's Grassroots Programme
10.40-11.00 hrs István PISONT , Coach of the Roma Football Team
Questions & Answers
Interventions from Members of the European Parliament
Open Discussion
Conclusions and closing remarks
Lívia JÁRÓKA, Member of the EPP Group and Rapporteur of the EU's strategy on Roma inclusion
13.00-16.00 hrs in the Palais du Midi Sports Complex
Jerzy BUZEK, Member of the EPP Group and former President of the European Parliament
Lívia JÁRÓKA, Member of the EPP Group and Rapporteur of the EU's strategy on Roma inclusion

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