Tässä esitetyt mielipiteet ovat ovat kansallisten delegaatioiden näkökantoja, eivätkä aina edusta koko ryhmän mielipiteitä.
Tässä esitetyt mielipiteet ovat ovat kansallisten delegaatioiden näkökantoja, eivätkä aina edusta koko ryhmän mielipiteitä.


Euro Currency: Stacks of 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro notes piled together
23.3.2018 - 13:54

Transactions originating from Pilatus Bank are suspicious

Partit Nazzjonalista Head of Delegation in the European Parliament David Casa has just written to the Egmont Group informing them of the latest developments on the arrest of the Chairman and UBO of...
EU Parliament in Strasbourg
22.3.2018 - 8:14

Provide Maria Efimova with protection

Whistleblower Maria Efimova is a former employee of Pilatus Bank and a material witness in cases of corruption and money laundering. Pilatus Bank, independently of Efimova’s testimony, has...
Credit card security
21.3.2018 - 16:20

Pilatus Bank’s licence putting Malta’s sector at risk

It is an irony that the Chairman of Pilatus Bank - who tried to institute legal proceedings against Maltese media houses and journalists in the United States of America in an attempt to silence them...
Close-up of magnifying glass highlighting fingerprints on document
21.3.2018 - 11:38

Police Commissioner has failed to take action

As the Chairman of Pilatus Bank was finally arrested in the United States, questions remain as to how he has been allowed to manoeuvre with impunity in Malta since being granted a licence to operate...



Roberta Metsola
23.9.2014 - 17:37

MEP Metsola and Malta business representatives agree to work closely together

Representatives of the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and Member of the European Parliament for Malta Roberta Metsola have agreed to collaborate in the best interest of Maltese businesses and consumers...
Refugees on a boat
23.9.2014 - 16:37

MEP Metsola pushes for fair sharing of responsibility on migration

During a meeting with the EU's Commissioner-Designate for Migration & Home Affairs, Member of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola continued to push Malta's case forward, stating that...
Therese Comodini Cachia MEP, Mairead McGuinness MEP and Herman Van Rompuy
16.9.2014 - 12:03

MEP Comodini Cachia supports special needs athletes event

Today, MEP Therese Comodini Cachia (EPP, MT) participated in welcoming the Olympic Flame and the Torch Runners in Place du Luxembourg for its first stop at the European Parliament. The torch was...
Believe in people
1.5.2014 - 10:15

EU 2004 enlargement: a miracle of freedom

10 years ago, on 1 May 2004, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia joined the European Union. It was the biggest EU widening...


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European Council conclusions

The Chairman will take the floor during the key debate on the conclusions of the last European Council meeting. On 29 April, the EU Heads of State...

Portability of online content services

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Leaking VAT system must be fixed

The Report on the protection of the EU's financial interests (PIF Report) from the year 2015 will be voted on on Tuesday in plenary. Parliament...