Earthquake in Amatrice

In plenary today, the European Parliament approved the biggest-ever mobilisation of the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF), providing €1.2...

business statistics in blue - white chart with a blue arrow going up

“The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), which is at the heart of the Juncker Investment Plan, has delivered the expected results...

business statistics in blue - white chart with a blue arrow going up

The European Parliament’s Budgets and the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committees have approved by a large majority the extension of the...

Seeing through piggy bank

“Today’s vote shows very clearly that a large majority of the European Parliament remains fully committed to making use of the available...



talousarvion yhdessä neuvoston kanssa. Työ tapahtuu parlamentin budjettivaliokunnassa. Budjettivaliokunnan jäsenet myös laativat kaikkien toimielinten menoja koskevat säännökset sekä hyväksyvät EU:n tulojen ja menojen monivuotisen rahoituskehyksen eli keskipitkän aikavälin talousarviosuunnitelman.


Concept of savings analysis with banknotes and a calculator
15.6.2016 - 10:34

EU Budget: 2015 surplus should go to refugee Trust Funds

The Budgets Committee will vote today on the Draft Amending Budget 2 (DAB 2/2016) which reduces Member States' contributions to the 2016 EU budget thanks to a €1.3 billion surplus from 2015...
business statistics in blue - white chart with a blue arrow going up
8.6.2016 - 10:42

EFSI boosts confidence, growth and jobs in the EU

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has proved to be successful in its first year of operation, boosting investment in the EU and strengthening confidence, growth and jobs. The EPP...
Business finance chart and Euro banknotes
25.4.2016 - 15:23

Unused EU money must be put to use

"Each year, around €2 billion in commitments foreseen in the EU budget remain unspent as the actions for which they were earmarked are not implemented. This amount should remain in the EU...
War refugees at the Keleti Railway Station
13.4.2016 - 12:56

€700 million for emergency support and Europol

The EPP Group supports the first Draft Amending Budget of the year (DAB 1/2016) which authorises the first tranche of the annual allocation to build the €700 million package over three years....
9.3.2016 - 11:33

Our priorities for the 2017 EU budget

The EPP Group is fighting for the EU to obtain adequate financing for the two main priorities for its citizens: continuation of the economic recovery and limiting the influx of refugees. An EU...
Syrian Refugees
2.3.2016 - 13:09

EPP Group supports emergency aid plan for refugees

The European Commission today unveiled an emergency aid plan providing financial assistance to Greece, and to any other EU state in the same predicament as Greece, to deal with the refugee crisis....


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