Earthquake in Amatrice

After the first occurrence on 24 August, three more major earthquakes, together with a flurry of tremors, struck the central Italian regions in...

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JOHDANTO Koheesiopolitiikan tarve nyt ja tulevaisuudessa EPP-ryhmä kannattaa koheesiopolitiikkaa, jota toteutetaan rakennepolitiikkana...

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Cohesion policy is the EU’s key instrument for investment in the real economy, promoting jobs and growth across all EU regions. The EPP Group...

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Better value for taxpayers' money. This is the core idea behind the topic of performance-based budgeting that the EPP Group Bureau is discussing...



Aluekehitysvaliokunnan toimivaltaan kuuluu EU:n alue- ja koheesiopolitiikka. Valiokunnassa arvioidaan unionin muiden politiikan alojen vaikutuksia taloudelliseen ja sosiaaliseen yhteenkuuluvuuteen sekä koordinoidaan unionin rakennepoliittisia välineitä.


Euro Currency: Stacked 2 and 1 euro coins, close-up
21.11.2012 - 16:15

Solidarity fund: Parliament wins the fight for aid to the

"Finally, citizens of the Emilia Romagna region will receive aid from the EU without having to wait any longer," said Giovanni La Via MEP, general Rapporteur for the EU budget for 2013,...
The bridge
8.11.2012 - 16:00

EU Cohesion Policy after 2013

The EPP Group in the European Parliament is of the firm opinion that the EU Cohesion Policy has greatly contributed to increased growth achieved across all regions of the EU during the previous and...
building under construction
12.7.2012 - 15:30

Structural Funds: EP votes for money for jobs and growth

Structural funds should be available everywhere in Europe for projects improving growth and employment. The five structural funds Regulations for 2014-2020 adopted by the Regional Development...
International Travel
3.7.2012 - 10:00

Invest in Europe: Need convergence between North & South

At a very crucial time for Europe, during which attracting investments and ensuring a balanced investment base in European regions are necessary elements for growth and economic recovery, a report on...
27.6.2012 - 14:00

No 'unspent' EU cohesion budget

In the light of the proposed EU Growth Pact, an amount of €55 billion has recently been highlighted by the media as "unspent" cohesion money by EU Member States in the current...
Cargo Ship
25.6.2012 - 9:00

Baltic Sea Region: a new model for regional cooperation

An ecologically unique sea in a sorry state The Baltic Sea is a small sea on a global scale, but as one of the world's largest bodies of brackish water, it is ecologically unique. Due to its...