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Climate change

“In Europe, we have high energy prices which hurt our businesses and competitiveness vis-à-vis other regions of the world. Removing...

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photo of person holding a smartphone

The European Commission today presented its revised proposal for the roaming fair-use policy which confirms that as of June 2017, roaming charges...

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Nord Stream2

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will jeopardise the EU’s foreign and security goals and increase dependence on Russia's Gazprom. Our Chairman...

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Small business owner

Töökohti ja majanduskasvu loovad eraalgatused, innovatiivsed ettevõtjad ja idufirmad. Vastupidist lubavad poliitikud rajavad vaid...

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Tööstuse, teadusuuringute ja energeetikakomisjon vastutab järgmiste valdkondade eest: Euroopa Liidu tööstuspoliitika ja uute tehnoloogiate rakendamine, kaasa arvatud väikeste ja keskmise suurusega ettevõtetega seotud meetmed; Euroopa Liidu teadusuuringute poliitika, kaasa arvatud uurimistulemuste levitamine ja kasutamine; liidu energiapoliitika meetmed üldiselt, energiavarustuse kindlus ja energiatõhusus, sealhulgas üleeuroopaliste võrkude rajamine ja arendamine energeetika infrastruktuuri valdkonnas; infoühiskond ja infotehnoloogia, kaasa arvatud üleeuroopaliste võrkude rajamine ja arendamine telekommunikatsiooni infrastruktuuri valdkonnas.


Michał Boni MEP
12.01.2017 - 12:52

Millions of jobs in the European Cloud Initiative

Digital data underpins almost every activity in our society and it will do so to an even greater extent in the future. Our banks are already digital, the future of self-driving cars depends on the...
Woman using her cell phone
14.12.2016 - 21:16

First steps for 5G in Europe: political agreement reached

“We have now reached an agreement with the Council on the freeing-up of the 700 MHz spectrum band. This is an agreement that will secure European competitiveness and enable us to reap the full...
Climate change
13.12.2016 - 10:58

Clean energy has to go hand-in-hand with job creation

“Increasing the competitiveness and strengthening the weight of industry in the EU economy has to go hand-in-hand with our climate and energy objectives and should be further strengthened in...
girl singing to the microphone in a studio
12.12.2016 - 14:59

Copyright: we must better pay our authors and creators

“A modernisation of copyright rules to fit the digital age is probably the single most important reform we can envisage to make a worthy living for our many artists, creators and designers in...
Climate change
30.11.2016 - 09:13

Energy Union: affordable energy for all is a main priority

“In Europe, we have high energy prices which hurt our businesses and competitiveness vis-à-vis other regions of the world. Removing existing barriers and market distortions in the...
Woman using her cell phone
28.11.2016 - 15:01

Lower phone bills through new rules for telecom providers

Wholesale roaming markets: more competition will lower prices for consumers and SMEs "When we regulate how telecom providers bill roaming charges between each other, we must make sure that...


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Winter Energy Package
29.06.2016 - 14:30

Hearing on the Winter Energy Package

Emissions Trading System
04.05.2016 - 14:30

The Emissions Trading System - ETS

For further info: epp-itre@europarl.europa.eu
EPP Group Hearing on the Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive
13.01.2016 - 14:30

Energy Efficiency Directive Hearing

Integrated EU policy approach for pharmaceutical sector
30.09.2015 - 14:30

The future of medicine

A strong EU pharmaceutical sector is essential to ensure Europe’s disease prevention capabilities, preparedness and assure our health '...
 Small Businesses and Industry
22.04.2015 - 15:00

Family businesses in Europe


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