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Země: Rumunsko
Strana: Partidul Naţional Liberal (RO)
Člen - Občanské svobody, spravedlnost a vnitřní věci; Člen - Arménie, Ázerbájdžán a Gruzie; Člen - Delegace v Parlamentním shromáždění Euronest; Člen - Partidul Naţional Liberal; Náhradník - Moldavsko; Náhradník - Zahraniční věci




Země: Bulharsko
Strana: Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (BG)
Člen - Průmysl, výzkum a energetika; Člen - Rusko; Člen - Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria; Náhradník - Zemědělství a rozvoj venkova; Náhradník - EU-Albánie


28. 4. 2017. - 13:32

Brexit: EU leaders must show unity and clarity

Ahead of the European Council meeting on 29 April which will focus on the Council’s political guidelines for Brexit negotiations, Manfred Weber...
EU steps up the fight to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation
28. 4. 2017. - 9:15

EU steps up the fight to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation

Child sexual abuse is a major problem that the EU is working hard to eradicate. In 2011, the EU stepped up the fight with new legislation obliging EU...
Speed limit sign chaos
27. 4. 2017. - 11:56

EU needs a budgetary cycle that matches its objectives

Five-year budget cycle could be solution “The European Union’s seven-year budgetary cycle, which is not synchronised with the...
EU values at stake in debates on Turkey and Hungary
26. 4. 2017. - 19:30

EU values at stake in debates on Turkey and Hungary

In European Parliament debates on Turkey’s disputed referendum and on Hungary’s policies, MEPs discussed how to press both governments to...

Klíčové události týdne

1. 5. 2017. - 6. 5. 2017.
Smiling business partners with electronic tablet

Reduced VAT for e-books

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will vote on a Report on Wednesday by Tom Vandenkendelaere MEP giving Member States the option to apply...
Photo of smartphone with application icons

Setting up standards for jobs created by online apps like Uber and Airbnb

The Internal Market Committee will vote on Wednesday on a Report on the future of new services, like for instance Uber and Airbnb, in the so-called...
European Parliament Open Day

Parliament opens its doors in Brussels

Every year, the European Parliament celebrates the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration by inviting people to visit its premises in Strasbourg and...