Brexit, EU budget, US steel tariffs, digital company taxation
15. 3. 2018. - 11:45
During the European Parliament’s March plenary session, MEPs approved a Resolution on future EU-UK relations after Brexit and debated the EU’s post-2020 budget ahead of formal Commission proposals due in May.The European Commission and...
Olive oil
Tisková zpráva
15. 3. 2018. - 9:49
In January, the US Department of Commerce imposed an unjustified anti-dumping customs duty on Spanish olives of more than 17.13 %, following a countervailing duty established in November 2017 of 4.47%. The European Parliament votes today on a Motion...
Tisková zpráva
14. 3. 2018. - 16:10
Investigative journalists are of crucial value to society as they reveal bad administration, fraud, corruption and other types of mismanagement of taxpayers’ money. Following the brutal murder of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée, the EP...
High voltage post
Tisková zpráva
14. 3. 2018. - 12:45
Statement by Krišjānis Kariņš MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the European Parliament’s Industry Committee, after the vote in Plenary on the objection to the Union list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI). “I’m glad...
Industrial Laborer
Tisková zpráva
14. 3. 2018. - 12:02
"We are united as Europeans and want to take a united stance when it comes to addressing US tariffs and customs duties on steel and aluminium. The trade measures taken by the US against the EU are not justified in our view. Which security...
Social media web sites
Tisková zpráva
14. 3. 2018. - 10:50
European Parliament first EU Institution to adopt concrete plan to tax digital giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon "National Finance Ministers cannot ignore that a majority of citizens wants to tackle the problem of multi-national...
word budget
Tisková zpráva
13. 3. 2018. - 15:24
“The MFF should reflect EU priorities, respond to the aspirations and concerns of EU citizens, demonstrate EU solidarity and its readiness to strengthen competitiveness, security and sustainability, as well as social, territorial and economic...
Tisková zpráva
13. 3. 2018. - 11:55
“Brexit is bad for all of us. The negotiations are now about limiting the damage”, said Elmar Brok MEP, EPP Group Brexit Spokesman and Member of the EP’s Brexit Steering Group, in the plenary debate this morning on the future...
Alain Lamassoure calls on the EU to ensure that digital companies pay taxes where the economic activity takes place
13. 3. 2018. - 11:30
Alain Lamassoure, EPP Group MEP and Rapporteur for the Common Corporate Tax Base Report to be voted on in plenary, says that the EU should define conditions so that digital companies pay taxes where the economic activity takes place.
Brexit Jigsaw puzzle displaying european map missing Great Britain
8. 3. 2018. - 15:55
MEPs will next week in Strasbourg set out their views on the post-Brexit framework for the future EU-UK relationship. The draft resolution agreed by the European Parliament Conference of Presidents on Wednesday 8 March makes it clear that the...
Working with virtual screen
Tisková zpráva
8. 3. 2018. - 10:24
“We have seen it too many times. European start-ups choose to leave for the US because it is easier to grow their businesses there. Today’s Commission proposal on crowdfunding platforms is an initial step to change this. By not having to...
Can of euro puzzles
8. 3. 2018. - 9:56
“Budgets are not bookkeeping exercises - they are about priorities and ambition. They translate our future into figures.” - Jean-Claude Juncker How do we keep our strength after Brexit? How do we foot the €15bn annual bill left...
EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber: EU is ready to react to US market protectionism
7. 3. 2018. - 15:18
Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group, points out that Donald Trump is risking a trade conflict with the EU since announcing the introduction of tariffs on EU steel and aluminium. The EU will do everything possible to protect its industries and...
7. 3. 2018. - 12:00
Boosting the digital economy in the Western Balkans
6. 3. 2018. - 16:15
At an EPP Group conference hosted by Andrey Kovatchev MEP and European Parliament Vice-President Lívia Járóka MEP, the European Commission will present digital economy proposals, including cutting mobile phone communication...


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19. 3. 2018. - 23. 3. 2018.
Attacks in Paris, France

Protecting the rights of victims of terrorism in the EU

22 March marks the 2-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. The Special Committee on Terrorism will organise two hearings on...
Nord Stream2

Making gas from outside the EU comply with Energy Union goals

The current Gas Directive will be updated to apply not only to the internal gas market in the EU, but also to gas pipelines that arrive in the EU...

Europe-wide rules on how to tax Facebook, Amazon & Co

The European Commission will make a formal law proposal for a digital tax on Wednesday. This comes one week after Parliament, on the initiative of...
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