Hospodářské a měnové záležitosti

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The EPP Group in the European Parliament is critical of the Greek government's slowness and double dealing in implementing the 3rd economic...

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Burkhard Balz MEP: "Anyone doing business in the EU has to obey European rules" "To protect the Internal Market and to make sure...

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The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has proved to be successful in its first year of operation, boosting investment in the EU and...


Parliament sets up Panama Papers Inquiry Committee today - “National egoism paralyses international action against tax dodging” The...



Hospodářský a měnový výbor je příslušný pro záležitosti týkající se hospodářských a měnových politik Unie a fungování hospodářské a měnové unie a Evropského měnového a finančního systému. Zabývá se také volným pohybem kapitálu a plateb a pravidly hospodářské soutěže a státních podpor.


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8. 12. 2016. - 12:05

Securitisations: don't disguise credit risks for investors

EU Parliament regulates financial products which triggered US subprime crisis The European Union plans stricter rules for the financial market products which spread the US subprime mortgage crisis...
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24. 11. 2016. - 12:29

VAT: EPP Group wants to reform 'prone to fraud' system

Parliament adopts 'action plan': VAT should be paid where the consumer is "A clear call to EU Member States to fight VAT fraud resolutely and jointly", stated Werner Langen MEP,...
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23. 11. 2016. - 9:31

Do not penalise European banks over American banks

The EPP Group has warned against penalising European banks over American banks when implementing the new plans of the Basel Committee, the international banking standard-setting board, into EU law...
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10. 11. 2016. - 11:24

Tax evasion: EP wants easier access to data

Tax authorities should receive equal and automatic access to anti-money-laundering information in all EU Member States. This new proposal to amend current EU legislation was approved today by the...
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25. 10. 2016. - 12:58

New corporate tax rules: those against them are dishonest

"The first, indispensable and most important thing to do if you want to tackle the problem of corporate tax avoidance is to harmonise the tax base. Today's legislative proposal is the moment...
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11. 10. 2016. - 12:56

VAT should be paid where the consumer is

The EPP Group in the European Parliament has called for major changes in the European Union's value-added tax systems. "VAT is a consumption tax which has to be paid by the final consumer....



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