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  • Заместник - Права на човека
  • Заместник - Изпиране на пари, избягване на данъци и данъчни измами
  • Заместник - Външни работи
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  • Заместник-председател - Група на Европейската народна партия (Християндемократи) -
  • Квестор - Европейски парламент
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  • Член - Китай
  • Член - Вътрешен пазар и защита на потребителите
  • Член - ГЕРБ
  • Заместник - Съединени американски щати
  • Заместник - Икономически и парични въпроси
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  • Член - Регионално развитие
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  • Заместник - Меркосур
  • Заместник - Бразилия
  • Заместник - Бюджетен контрол
  • Заместник - Бюджети
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  • Член - Централна Азия, Монголия
  • Член - Правни въпроси
  • Член - ГЕРБ
  • Заместник - Граждански свободи, правосъдие и вътрешни работи
  • Заместник - Ирак
  • Заместник - Тероризъм
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  • Член - Промишленост, изследвания и енергетика
  • Член - Русия
  • Член - ГЕРБ
  • Заместник - Земеделие и развитие на селските райони
  • Заместник - Албания
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Flooded house in flood waters
23.11.2017 - 15:09

Better response to and prevention of natural disasters

Today, the European Commission presented its ideas to reinforce Europe's ability to deal with natural disasters. ‘rescEU’ is an EU...
EU Civil Protection Mechanism to become mandatory
23.11.2017 - 10:45

EU Civil Protection Mechanism to become mandatory

Spurred by deadly wildfires in Portugal and flooding in Eastern Europe, the European Commission is proposing to make the EU’s voluntary Civil...
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22.11.2017 - 10:10

Omnibus: much-needed adjustments to EU farming policy

The much-needed adjustments of the mid-term reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) through the so-called Omnibus Regulation are on their way...
Improving contract law for digital content and copyright law for broadcasts in the EU
21.11.2017 - 17:45

Improving contract law for digital content and copyright law for broadcasts in the EU

In committee, MEPs have approved a new law creating an EU-wide standard set of contract rules for digital content provided by businesses to consumers...

Акценти на седмицата

20.11.2017 - 24.11.2017
Protect creativity without creating borders

Modernisation of European copyright rules

The Legal Affairs Committee will vote on new copyright rules on Tuesday regarding the online transmission and retransmission of TV and radio...
photo of person holding a smartphone

Contracts for the supply of digital content

Members of the Legal Affairs Committee and the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee will vote on Tuesday in a joint meeting on new rules...
Bank sign on building

Providing legal certainty for banks and investors

As part of a package of legislative proposals aimed at reducing risks in the EU banking industry, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will...