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Protect creativity without creating borders

The Legal Affairs Committee will vote on new copyright rules on Tuesday regarding the online transmission and retransmission of TV and radio...

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Members of the Legal Affairs Committee and the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee will vote on Tuesday in a joint meeting on new rules...

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As part of a package of legislative proposals aimed at reducing risks in the EU banking industry, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will...

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The Agriculture Committee will vote on Wednesday on the simplification of the mid-term reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) through the so-...



22.11.2017 - 10:00 - 10:30 - European Parliament, Brussels - Anna Politkovskaya Room PHS 0A50

Omnibus: results of AGRI Committee vote on trialogue deal on post-2018 CAP

евродепутат: Albert DESS, Michel DANTIN
Press Officer: Meike Bogdan, Pete Pakarinen


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Digital Single Market: ending unjustified geo-blocking

European Parliament reaches provisional agreement with Council and Commission that would end geo-blocking for physical goods “This means the end of discrimination of consumers buying...
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Consumer-friendly rules in the digital environment

MEPs took an important step today towards eliminating the barriers that hinder cross-border on-line trade and defining rules that protect consumers in the digital environment. The Members of the...

Future of European cinema should not be jeopardised

The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee will vote today on modifications to the SatCab Directive. A draft Regulation with new rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights for...
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Shaping globalisation: protecting jobs against dumping

The EU is currently updating its anti-dumping law to counter unfair trade practices by third countries. "We need a better mechanism to protect jobs and our European industry against dumped and...


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