Regional Development

Earthquake in Amatrice

After the first occurrence on 24 August, three more major earthquakes, together with a flurry of tremors, struck the central Italian regions in...

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INTRODUCTION Why do we need cohesion policy, now and in the future? The EPP Group backs cohesion policy as a structural policy promoting growth...

Pins in map

Cohesion policy is the EU’s key instrument for investment in the real economy, promoting jobs and growth across all EU regions. The EPP Group...

wallet and money

Better value for taxpayers' money. This is the core idea behind the topic of performance-based budgeting that the EPP Group Bureau is discussing...



The Regional Development Committee is responsible for the EU's regional and cohesion policy. It assesses the impact of other Union policies on economic and social cohesion and coordinates the Union's structural instruments.


School of fish
Press Release
08.02.2012 - 09:45

Atlantic Area: EU policy for the Atlantic area

Following Alain Cadec's initiative, the EU has decided to launch a policy for Atlantic regions within two years. "I have fought for more than a year for strong EU action in the Atlantic area...
Wireless Networking and Security
Press Release
07.02.2012 - 20:00

Broadband: investing in digitally-driven growth

Developing internet infrastructure as a way of enhancing competitiveness of the EU, as well as the challenge of implementing the Digital Agenda goals - basic broadband by 2013 and high-speed...
Euro Currency: Stacks of 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro notes piled together
Press Release
31.01.2012 - 11:30

Combat youth unemployment by using unspent structural funds

The proposal made by the European Commission yesterday at the informal EU Summit to combat youth unemployment and help small businesses has been welcomed by the EPP Group in European Parliament...