Press Corner

Underwater pipelines

In order to strengthen the internal energy market and the EU's energy security, the European Parliament will vote on Thursday at its mini-Plenary...

European Border and Coast Guard Agency

MEPs on the Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee will vote on Monday on an entry-exit system that will...


After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the EU Institutions and national governments decided to step up their fight against money laundering and...

European Flag

During the debate in the mini-plenary on Wednesday, MEPs will discuss the preparations for the European Summit of 9-10 March which will focus on...


Press Conferences

27.02.2017 - 13:30 - 14:00 - European Parliament, Brussels - Anna Politkovskaya Room PHS 0A50

The situation of fundamental rights in Hungary

Press Officer: Petra Tavasz
28.02.2017 - 16:00 - 16:30 - European Parliament, Brussels - JAN 2Q2

Adoption of the final inquiry report and recommendations of the Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector

Press Officer: Lars Ole Løcke
02.03.2017 - 09:30 - 10:00 - European Parliament, Brussels - Anna Politkovskaya Room PHS 0A50

Innovative strategy to improve cardiovascular health in Europe

Press releases


AI: no longer a thing of the future

The European Parliament is calling for EU-wide civil law rules addressing the fast-developing field of technology - robotics and artificial intelligence. Robots assisting in the field of medicine or...
Germany Raises Security Level

EU delivers in fight against terrorism

Following the Paris attacks, the EPP Group set out to achieve 10 objectives to fight terrorism and make Europe safer. The European Parliament will vote tomorrow on the new EU laws on terrorism and...
World glove on The field

CO2 emissions: EP adopts balanced ETS reform

The European Parliament (EP) has taken an important step forward in its efforts to achieve the Paris climate goals by voting on a thorough reform of the Emission Trading System (ETS). Ivo Belet MEP,...
EU flags in front of European Parliament

Our vision for a better Europe

The EPP Group has adopted a position paper outlining its idea of what the EU should be in the future. "The position paper that we have endorsed is a key document at a crucial time for Europe...


Pedro López de Pablo
Head of Press and Communications


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