Press Corner

Visit of Jaromír Štětina MEP to Kobani

Members of the European Parliament are outraged at the recent devastating developments in Syria where civilians, 94 of them children, and aid workers...

European union puzzle game

On Wednesday, MEPs will debate the preparations of the upcoming European Summit of 20-21 October with the Council and the Commission which...

Climate change

The EU has agreed to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. The Paris Agreement calls for capping global...

Mustafa Dzhemilev

The candidates for the 2016 Sakharov Prize will be presented at a joint meeting of the Foreign Affairs, Development and Human Rights Committees on...


Press Conferences

04.10.2016 - 11:10 - 11:30 - European Parliament, Strasbourg - LOW N-1/201

EPP Group October I Plenary Briefing

Press Officer: Marion Jeanne
05.10.2016 - 15:00 - 15:30 - European Parliament, Strasbourg - LOW N-1/201

Implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change

Press Officer: Evangelia Mitsopoulou

Press releases

Climate change

Renewable Energy: EPP Group advocates for more in Europe

Experts from science, business and politics are calling today for a "real energy transition in Europe", at a hearing organised by the EPP Group in the European Parliament. "We can...
Suspected Asylum Seekers

Migration: Member States must stick to their commitments

“Solidarity between EU Member States and closer cooperation is still needed to carry out the relocation of migrants as soon as possible”, stated Esteban González Pons MEP, Vice-...
Romanian Flag

EPP Group to debate future of cohesion policy in Bucharest

Starting on Thursday, the EPP Group Bureau will hold a two-day meeting in Bucharest, Romania, to discuss cohesion policy as a structural policy promoting growth and economic development across all EU...
European Commission

Tighter rules for Code of Conduct for Commissioners

Code of Conduct for Commissioners should be mandatory and not voluntary The rapporteur of the Budgetary Control Committee, Inge Gräßle MEP calls for more accountability and consistency...


Pedro López de Pablo
Head of Press and Communications


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