Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Improving the emergency services for EU citizens

The EPP Group hosted a cross-party event in the European Parliament in Brussels at which MEPs met representatives from the emergency services from...

photo of person holding a smartphone

As of today, roaming charges in the EU will disappear. Spanish MEP Pilar Del Castillo, who negotiated the historic agreement on behalf the European...

Bullet holes in a front windshield

"We have strengthened security in Europe without restricting citizens' freedom," said Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MEP, EPP Group...

Apple iPhone 6s plus with Airbnb application on the screen.

EPP Group supports the development of the collaborative economy in Europe. “The collaborative economy creates new opportunities for...



The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection is responsible for coordination at Community level of national legislation in the sphere of the internal market and for the customs union, in particular the free movement of goods including the harmonisation of technical standards, the right of establishment and the freedom to provide services except in the financial and postal sectors. It also adopts measures aimed at the identification and removal of potential obstacles to the functioning of the internal market. Finally, it deals with the promotion and protection of the economic interests of consumers in the context of the internal market.


Net Neutrality
Press Release
19.01.2016 - 13:39

Digital Single Market: EP vote to tear down digital barriers

"Accelerating the digitalisation of industry is crucial for boosting job creation and growth in Europe and it concerns all sectors of the economy, from industry to services, education and the...
Flowers and car
Press Release
16.12.2015 - 16:54

Car Emissions: inquiry committee will not solve the problem

"The best way to respond to the so-called Volkswagen scandal on emission tests is to be constructive. All parties in the European Parliament should concentrate on the important pieces of...
Protect creativity without creating borders
Press Release
09.12.2015 - 13:08

Copyright: EPP Group considers proposals a first step

The EPP Group considers that the proposals tabled by the European Commission to modernise copyright rules are a first step to adapting these rules to the digital age. On the Regulation proposal on...
Secure LAN
Press Release
08.12.2015 - 08:24

Stronger cyber security for every European

"Yesterday, a milestone was achieved: for the first time, EU-wide cyber-security rules have been introduced. They will bring many benefits for citizens and consumers by helping critical...
Blue puzzle on Euro currency
Press Release
28.10.2015 - 12:53

Single Market Strategy: new impetus for SMEs and start-ups

The EPP Group expects the European Commission's Single Market Strategy presented today in Brussels to bring new impetus to SMEs, start-ups and services. "The Single Market Strategy must...
Row of parked cars
Press Release
27.10.2015 - 14:48

Car Emissions: urgent need for real emission tests

"We urgently need to put in place common European car emission tests which are based on real driving conditions", said Françoise Grossetête MEP, Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP...



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