Budgetary Control

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General introduction The EU budget is an investment budget. About 90% of EU resources are spent on policies and programmes that benefit citizens...

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Better value for taxpayers' money. This is the core idea behind the topic of performance-based budgeting that the EPP Group Bureau is discussing...


“The European Anti-Fraud Office, OLAF, must show by example how to play by the rules and not fiddle with its own statistics,” says the...

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The European Parliament today adopted, with a large majority, the interim Report on the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office...



The Committee on Budgetary Control is responsible for the control of the implementation of the EU's budget, meaning that the taxpayers' money is well spent. It considers fraud and irregularities in the budget implementation, and suggests measures aimed at preventing and prosecuting such cases. It also audits the accounts of EU Institutions.


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Press Release
24.03.2015 - 11:24

Budget 2013: EU has no money to waste, sanctions must apply

The European Parliament Report on the European Commission’s spending in 2013 indicates a clear misuse of EU funds. Information communicated by Member States is in need of improvement, access to...
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Press Release
12.11.2014 - 17:49

Incorrect EU spending needs to be addressed

"We know the amount of errors in EU spending. Now tell us the details and problems that caused the errors and we could save billions of taxpayers' money", said Inge Gräßle...
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Press Release
05.11.2014 - 11:55

Commission accounts: Court of Auditors refuses for 20th time

The European Court of Auditors has refused to give the European Commission the green light for the implementation of the EU budget 2013 for the 20th time. "An error rate of 4.7% means that...
Hearings of the candidates for the new Juncker European Commission
Press Release
02.10.2014 - 16:50

EPP Group expects Georgieva to deliver a strong budget

“Mrs Georgieva has demonstrated a deep and solid knowledge of EU budgetary dossiers,” evaluated MEP José Manuel Fernandes, EPP Group spokeperson in the Budget Committee, in today...
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Press Release
23.09.2014 - 15:47

Council must clarify how it spends its money

In this discharge procedure, the Council refused to shed light on its spending of over €530m during the financial year 2012. It continues to neglect the Parliament's questions and refuses to...
Press Release
11.06.2014 - 13:10

Commission puts OLAF independence in danger

The new proposal by the European Commission for a regulation amending the current regulation on OLAF, the EU's body for fighting fraud, is ill-devised, says the EPP Group spokesperson in the...


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Good Administrative Behaviour
01.07.2015 - 14:30

Good Administrative Behaviour

Article 41 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union enshrines a legally-binding "right to good administration". As a follow-up to...


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