Agriculture and Rural Development

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New rules for a simpler and fairer EU farming policy which will strengthen farmers’ position in a fairer supply chain have been endorsed by the...

Farmer and businessman examining plant in field

The EPP Group today backed legislation establishing more and better controls and inspections throughout the food chain. The goal is to improve...

Farmer in a field with combine harvester in the background

The EPP Group in the European Parliament is by far the strongest defender of the interests of European farmers. During the last reform of the CAP, it...

A fair food chain for all

In school yards and football fields we know what fair play means, but when it comes to business it’s not that easy anymore. How to tackle...



The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development mainly deals with the Common Agricultural Policy but also processes legislation on forestry, on veterinary and plant-health matters, animal feeding stuffs provided such measures are not intended to protect against risks to human health, and on animal husbandry and welfare.


Cash background
Press Release
27.11.2014 - 09:06

TTIP: key priority for the EPP Group

Finishing successful negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a key priority of the EPP Group. The Group has decided to create a Working Group on the TTIP which...
Phil Hogan
Press Release
02.10.2014 - 11:51

EPP Group expects Hogan to put CAP reform into action

Phil Hogan demonstrated the political experience and aptitude required for the agriculture portfolio as Ireland's next European Commissioner at today's European Parliament hearing, according...
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Press Release
01.04.2014 - 14:42

CAP Reform: EPP Group gets more flexibility for farmers

EPP Group putting pressure on European Commission to improve implementation of CAP reform/More flexibility for farmers The European Commission is willing, following pressure from the EPP Group in...
Marian-Jean Marinescu in park
21.03.2014 - 08:45

Europe’s former El Dorado of farming back on the map

I come from a country that between the two World Wars was known as Europe’s granary: everywhere you looked in the countryside you could see robust fields of corn, wheat, barley, oats, rice, rye...
Mairead McGuinness MEP
03.03.2014 - 13:37

Sustaining family farming

My relationship with farming is lifelong and enduring. It is both a passion and policy priority. I love the countryside, the people, the produce of the land and the sheer bliss of being able to walk...
Believe in People campaign Giovanni La Via
24.02.2014 - 10:30

Every challenge is an opportunity - like the reform of the CAP

My life as an entrepreneur taught me to believe in people, to appreciate their worth, to seize opportunities and use them to their full potential. Encouraged by my father, I started working on our...



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